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Speedo Womens's LZR Racer Elite and LZR Racer Pro sizing chart

22 31⅛" 25⅝" 53½"
23 32" 26" 55⅛"
24 33½" 26⅜" 56¾"
25 35½" 27½" 60¼"
25L 35½" 27½" 61¾"
26 36½" 28⅜" 62⅛"
26L 36½" 28⅜" 63¾"
27 38" 29⅛" 64⅛"
27L 38" 29⅛" 65¾"
28 39" 29⅞" 66⅛"
28L 39" 29⅞" 67¾"
29 40" 30¾" 68⅛"
30 41" 31½" 68½"
32 42" 33" 69⅝"
34 44" 34⅝" 70⅞"
36 44" 35¼" 72⅛"


A few simple steps will help you stay calm and get your suit on efficiently:

*First and foremost, make sure your body is completely dry and your fingernails are short, to avoid damaging the material.

1. Turn up the bottom of each leg so the silicone grip strip is on the outside.

2. Carefully put it on, one leg at a time, pulling up the material little by little, like tights.

3. Repeat with the other leg.

4. Make sure it fits tightly at the crotch, and that you’ve gathered up as much material as possible at the hips in order to be able to pull it over your buttocks more easily.

5. Slide the suit up over your hips.

6. Make sure the inside grip strips are placed about one inch above the start of each buttock.

Women’s Tech Suits:

* Complete steps 1 through 6.

8. Once you’ve got it past your hips, slide the suit up over your chest.

9. Slip one arm at a time into the armholes, smoothing out any bunches or wrinkles carefully one last time. You may need help at this point.

10. Make sure the seams are where they’re supposed to be, and that the suit is properly adjusted, then turn the cuffs back down, so the grip strips are inside.

11. Turn the cuffs back down, so the grip strips are on the inside.

Measuring Tips

A - Height: To determine your height, stand up straight and measure the distance from the crown of your head to the sole of your foot
B - Chest: Take the measurement over the fullest part of your bust.
C - Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your waistline.
D - Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips.
E - Torso loop: In a loop, measure from the highest part of the shoulder, beneath the crotch and then back to the starting point.

Reach first place with laser-cut precision. The high-performance Speedo  LZR Elite 2 Closed Back Kneeskin is engineered with LZR Pulse+ Fabric technology, delivering superior water repellency and silicone leg grippers that ensure a snug, solid fit as you swim. The unique design also features a patented full-body compression system to help reduce drag and a closed back that provides more coverage, greater core stability and zero shoulder restriction.

  • FINA approved
  • Closed back
  • LZR Pulse+ Fabric Technology features 40% more durable water repellency as compared to LZR Racer Elite, full body compression reduces muscle oscillation and contours the body into an efficient hydrodynamic shape
  • Hydro Form Compression system features a compressive fit and 3D, 3-Piece pattern for ultimate fit with complete freedom of movement
  • Silicone leg grippers ensure a snug, solid fit for confidence in your performance
  • Closed back provides more back coverage, greater core stability, no shoulder restriction, and improved fit through hips
  • Bonded seams provide 6% less skin friction drag vs. sewn in seams
  • Closed back swimsuits are more compressive than open back, you might want to choose one size up
More Information
SKU P-SW-7190722
Composition 65% Nylon/35% LYCRA® Spandex
Brand Speedo
Activity Swimming
Swimmer Profile Competitive
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