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First triple fabric suit construction:

  • Surface area texture eliminates drag in the highest drag areas butt, small of back, sides under rib cage. Eliminating drag helps the swimmer keep their streamline tight and move faster through the water.
  • Targeted compression in the core and the legs helps the swimmer lift and ride higher in the water. When the swimmer tapers for a big meet, they feel rested and light. This combined with the added compression gives them the feeling of riding high and not fighting the water. It also helps immensely when they start to get tired.
  • Targeted flexibility can enhance technique throughout the race. Higher flexibility in the hips will allow for more freedom in the kick, better rotation, and on flip turns.

The dual layering fabric on the back of legs boost compression with targeted muscle placement in the most critical areas for kicking. The added compression helps to «lift» in the water, this allows the swimmer to ride higher with the lifted feeling throughout the race. The added compression helps negate the effect of the end of the race. Although we can’t provide actual buoyancy, we can give the swimmer PERCEIVED buoyancy.

The ergonomic seam construction working with the dual layering to create the lift in the water. This way the swimmer’s core is more engaged, creating a more powerful drive, leading to a more powerful and efficient kick.

The added high-power elastic base in the straps will make it easier to get the straps on. The straps will ALWAYS sit in between the shoulder blades for full range of motion.

More Information

More Information
Composition73% NYLON, 27% LYCRA SPANDEX
Swimmer ProfileCompetitive
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