How to Put on a Racing Swimsuit?

How To put on a competition swimsuit

Does putting on a competition suit fray your nerves? We have the solution!

Getting into a competition swimsuit is a swimmer’s nightmare. Technical suits are so tight, and so hard to put on, that many swimmers dread the process of getting into one. If the proper technique is not used, the task of putting on a racing suit can be exceedingly unpleasant.

A few simple steps will help you stay calm and get your suit on efficiently:

*First and foremost, make sure your body is completely dry and your fingernails are short, to avoid damaging the material.

1. Turn up the bottom of each leg so the silicone grip strip is on the outside.

2. Carefully put it on, one leg at a time, pulling up the material little by little, like tights.

3. Repeat with the other leg.

4. Make sure it fits tightly at the crotch, and that you’ve gathered up as much material as possible at the hips in order to be able to pull it over your buttocks more easily.

5. Slide the suit up over your hips.

6. Make sure the inside grip strips are placed about one inch above the start of each buttock.

Women’s Tech Suits:

* Complete steps 1 through 6.

8. Once you’ve got it past your hips, slide the suit up over your chest.

9. Slip one arm at a time into the armholes, smoothing out any bunches or wrinkles carefully one last time. You may need help at this point.

10. Make sure the seams are where they’re supposed to be, and that the suit is properly adjusted, then turn the cuffs back down, so the grip strips are inside.

11. Turn the cuffs back down, so the grip strips are on the inside.

Throughout the whole process of putting on a technical suit, it’s important to remember that it has to be glued to your body like a second skin. In fact, the primary advantage of a racing suit is its degree of compression, a vital factor in achieving the hydrodynamics required for racing.

Additionally, bear in mind that the material of a technical suit is very fragile. The key is to be gentle when following the above steps, and to avoid any sudden or harsh movements which increase the risk of damaging the suit, or tearing a hole in it.

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