Super Elite FS3 swim goggle - White/Gold

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The Fastskin3 Super elite Mirrored goggle is a revolutionary take on traditional eyewear for swimmers. Their unique lens design fills the contours of the face for a more hydrodynamic profile while simultaneously offering improved peripheral vision and improved comfort.

  • Offers up to a 2.2% reduction in full body drag force and a 63.4% reduction in goggle drag (as compared to the Aquasocket goggle).
  • Innovative Outer Dive Stream Profile protects eyes and creates a more hydrodynamic head contour.
  • Low profile lens for reduced drag, as well as reduced goggle movement during dives and turns.
  • 3D TPR goggle seal designed for real head and face contours.
  • IQ Fit straps features
    • Fully-integrated one-piece strap eliminates dangling strap ends.
    • Strap tension is easily adjusted using tensioning scale.
    • Extended side arms move straps further round the head and under the cap.
    • Reduced bulk under cap further reduces drag.
    • Improved fit reduces need for high strap tension.
    • 100% Silicone.
  • Mirrored lenses reduce glare.
  • Includes 3 nose bridge options in various sizes.
  • Unique Polycarbonate hydroscopic lens shape for an increased field of vision.
  • Fit Point marker on center nose bridge helps swimmers align goggles with Fastskin3 cap.

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