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Swim Spray Chlorine Removal Spray

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SwimSpray is the only patented product that is scientifically proven to remove chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin.

Results are instantaneous.... your hair will feel softer and your skin will no longer itch after being in the pool.  For avid swimmers, the residual chlorine odor that comes with being in a pool for several hours is no longer a problem.  

  • Unique formula of concentrated Vitamin-C that is pH-balanced, so it is gentle enough for children.
  • Easy to Use: After you swim-just spray on your skin and hair then shower as normal.
  • Works at the molecular level, breaking the chemical bond chlorine has with hair and skin--and boosting your shampoo and body wash.
  • SwimSpray uses pure ingredients, and is free from all unnecessary chemicals, so there are no added fragrances or colors.  
  • 6 oz bottle
  • One bottle is designed to last 30-40 uses

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More Information
ActivitySwimming, Aquafitness
Swimmer ProfileAthletic, Recreational, Fitness
BrandSwim Spray
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