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Originally designed by a world champion free diver and mono fin racer, the ylon-a® snorkel for competitive swimming meets the rigorous technical requirements faced by competitive and mono fin swimmers. The snorkel boasts a hydrodynamic design making it more stable at high speeds and during turns; moreover, the absence of a purge valve makes it possible for swimmers to perform flip turns while wearing the snorkel. It's unique design features include a removable silicone mouthpiece for ease of cleaning and injury prevention, and a one-piece, open-ring headpiece for increased comfort during long training sessions. It's small overall size makes it perfect for all swimmers, from age-group to masters. As well, the ylon-a snorkel has the smallest tube on the market, ideal for hypoxic training drills. The ylon-a snorkel is recognized internationally, and is currently being used by many world-renowned swim teams, including Duke University, Penn State, SwimMAC team Elite, Swim Atlanta, Katy Aquatics, NOVA Aquatics, Nitro Aquatics, GCAT, to name only a few.

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